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Warning: i post a lot of selfies. ^____^

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When you see it (him) 😂😭 (at Cloud Forest - Gardens by the Bay)


Oracle by marciotakara

Brother, it is twirl all you can, it means you twirl til this business shuts down XD next time ha? 😂 (at Family Mart Butterfly Garden)

Truly there’s always a rainbow after the rain… And mine comes in family mart’s twirl all you can sundae XD (yes, i do question my life choices too) 😆 #diabetes XD (at Family Mart Butterfly Garden)

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Dinner for 2 XD because Glenda famished us😫 (at Wingman, Butterfly Garden Newport City)

Random doodle while i was waiting earlier ❤️ #doodle #procreate #procreateapp #drawing #art

❤️ happy graduation to us!!! (at Air Force General Hospital)

❤️ (at Air Force General Hospital)

Holy moly!!!! #ternobands leggo!!!!

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Nobody’s allowed to go on a diet here. Diba maam @nicxjoyce??? XD #SameDay #TwirlAllYouCan #Serenitea #ADayLatePost (at heart station AFGH)